Can Pets really say “Ahhhhhhh”

It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to hear your pet truly enjoying themselves.  All it takes is the wonderful Aussie Pet Mobile Hot Aloe SPA Re-Moisturizing Treatment.  We start with our signature 15-Step grooming service but rather than our usual 100% cage free drying and brush outs, after the bath and initial rinse in our unique Hydrobath™, we use an all-natural, aloe re-moisturizing lotion and massage it into your pet’s coat.  Then we wrap your pet in a hot towel and let all of that amazing aloe lotion soak right into their coat.  You can see the stress just fall away and watch your pet truly enjoy their SPA day.

This outstanding special service is just one of many extraordinary care packages Aussie Pet Mobile can add to your pet’s grooming services.  The Aloe treatment is especially great for pets with dry or itchy skin or for any pet, (dog or cat) after a short haircut or shave down.  And, don’t forget our super de-shedding treatments to help dramatically reduce pet hair and dander from all those wonderful double-coated dogs and from every single cat.

Spring is here and now is the time to schedule your pet’s SPA day with Aussie Pet Mobile.  Please call 1-800-PET-MOBILE or visit today to arrange for your pet’s grooming.  Your locally owned and operated Aussie Pet Mobile will come right to your home and care for all your pets right there in your driveway.  You and your pets will love our stress-free, cage-free, Aussie Pet Mobile grooming services.


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