Excited to bring your new pup home but worried about how to make the transition smooth? Here are some tips on how to help you get the first day right:

  1. Acquire essential supplies:
    • Leash
    • Bed
    • Collar and Tags
    • Crate, exercise pen, or baby gate for confinement purposes.
    • Toys
    • Treats
    • Food
    • Water and Food Bowls
  2. Prepare for your dog to come home:
    • Find out about your dog’s needs, such as dietary and emotional requirements and daily sleep and exercise habits.
    • Pet proof your home. Don’t leave anything out that your dog could damage.
    • Create a dog friendly space. Set up an area that is a clean, safe area for your dog to play and sleep.
    • Research commands. Have a few commands ready to teach your dog so that you can begin training immediately.
  3. When your dog arrives home:
    • Show your dog to their toilet area immediately.
    • Take your dog to their allocated space and help make them familiar with their toys and bed.
    • Give a tour of the home. Let your dog sniff around his new surroundings. Keep an eye on him and state a clear no if he attempts to pee or get into something he shouldn’t.
    • Limit interaction with people. Let your dog get familiar with his new family before introducing him to others.’

Having a new family pet is fun and rewarding. Take time to settle into a new routine with your pup and be patient with your dog. Once you’ve bonded, you’ll have a friend for life!


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