Backyard BBQ Tips for Your Furry Friend May 2022

Summer is coming and our BBQ grills will be firing up. Our pets know BBQ parties provide an opportunity to enjoy great food as tasty treats fall to the ground or compassionate family members slip them a taste under the table. But remember to keep their health as the priority when you’re grilling this season.

Bones may not be the best treat for your dog. 

While it may be fun to eat a good smoked rib and throw the bone to your furry friend it’s not a good choice for your pet. Cooked bones – no matter if it’s chicken, pork, or beef – are not considered natural or safe for your pet. The American Kennel Club gives these three tips for the best bone practices (parenthetic comments are ours):

  1. Offer raw meat bones. (Cooked bones are not recommended)
  2. Take the bone away from your dog after 10-to-15 minutes, and put it in the refrigerator. (Just letting them take the bone and run isn’t a good idea for long-term digestion). 
  3. Dispose of a bone after three or four days. (Dogs don’t always instinctually know when a bone has turned bad.)

Limit BBQ meat filled with fat.

Many of the best cuts of meat for the BBQ are notorious for having high-fat content. When your dog is a puppy, their diets are naturally higher in fat. However, as they age, lower fat and higher protein help them maintain healthy muscle mass for their active lives.

If your family is prone to giving little bites or leftovers to the pets, consider setting some boundaries so no one has to deal with the unpleasant effects of high fat or unhealthy treats.

Pay attention to your pets during your backyard BBQ

No one wants their pets to hop up on the picnic table and start consuming leftovers when the people are playing games or hanging out. Paying attention to your pets during these times might be the difference between a good summer and a sad summer. Pets can choke on foods they rarely consume just like people can. They can get food poisoning, deal with dysentery, or even consume something dangerous for their system (think of the backyard beverages people consume while leaving red cups in places pets can reach).

Everyone deserves to have a great summer around the firepit with family and friends. Just remember those special friends who depend on you to provide a safe environment for their unique needs.


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