Back To The Office And the impact on our pets

2023 began with a number of well-known companies shifting away from remote work flexibility. This means people who acquired pets during the pandemic are about to experience a significant change. Many have grown accustomed to being around for their pets a significant portion of the workday. When that changes, everyone will be impacted.

The Animal Humane Society notes that pets are all different in the amount of time they can be at home alone. They cite everything from bladder control to emotional needs as concerns you should take into account.

Here are some practical tips for this adjustment:

  • Leave music playing softly when you are gone. This can help your pets feel more “normal” during the day when you are gone.
  • Whether they are pad-trained, crate trained, etc., make sure they have a way to relieve themselves without damaging your home.
  • If they are crate trained, they typically can handle being alone longer.
  • Make sure they have food and water to get through the day in a way that works for them. You know your pet’s eating and drinking habits. Make sure you aren’t stretching too long or they may act out.
  • Prepare a routine when arriving home. Remember, you may be unusually tired, but they’ll have been unusually bored. This is a great time to let their energy reset your day and your mindset.
  • And last, if you don’t have a morning routine that allows your pet to be active, build one in. They will need to have some exercise and playtime to stay healthy. Making time in the mornings will be important for making this adjustment.

If you are one of the many heading back to the office, make the most of it and remember this: Your pet can handle and even enjoy blocks of time alone. Don’t let pet-owner guilt make this more stressful than it needs to be. Develop your strategy and allow time for everyone to adjust.


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