Aussie Pet Mobile Welcomes Your New 4 Legged Family Member!

Regular Grooming with Aussie Pet Mobile will Keep You and Your Pets Happy and Healthy!

Did your family get a new pet for the holidays?  Congratulations!  You have added a wonderful new member to your family, one who will give you unconditional love for their entire life.  They don’t need fancy collars or designer food or the latest fashions.  All they need from you is your love and caring attention.  Pets are completely dependent on us for the care they need.

After getting a new pet, your first call should be to your Veterinarian for a check-up and to make sure your pet is fully vaccinated to protect their health and immune system.  Your next call should be to your local Aussie Pet Mobile to set your pet on the right grooming path.

If your pet is a puppy, wait until your pet has their shots before calling for their first grooming appointment.  But, after they have their immunizations, they are good to go for grooming.

Aussie Pet Mobile is simply the very best grooming solution for your pets.  We care for all breeds of cats and dogs.  We offer full grooming services right in the security of your own driveway.  We come right to you, and your pet will never, ever, spend even a minute in a cold, cramped and smelly cage.  Aussie Pet Mobile is 100% CAGE FREE.  We care for every pet one at a time and we use only the highest quality, all natural products.  Our proprietary HydrobathTM system and our special 15 STEP SPA GROOMING TREATMENT will pamper your pet exactly the way you want them to be treated.  We do everything one on one and your pet will get all the attention they deserve.  We never use drying kennels or industrial multiple pet drying systems.

All our grooming is completed, by hand, right in our beautiful mobile salon.

Aussie Pet Mobile also offers a variety of additional services for your pet such as our amazing deshedding treatment which can significantly reduce shedding in your house. There is also our hot aloe, SPA re-moisturizing treatment which will leave your pet feeling like they had their own trip to the finest  SPA.  Naturally, we perform all sorts of haircuts and include full service grooming with every appointment.  So, don’t wait, call Aussie Pet Mobile today at 1-800-PET-MOBILE or go online to www.AussiePetMobile.Com to find your locally owned and operated Aussie Pet Mobile grooming service.

Have a wonderful new year with your new pet!


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