8 Items Dog Lovers Must Have On Amazon

  1. Paw Plunger. Putting an end to the muddy footprints can be the saving grace for us dog parents. Here’s how it works: inside the container are soft bristles that lift dirt and grime from the pads of your pup’s feet — all you need to do is add water.
  2. Dental Treats. You may know of these as “greenies” but there are dozens of top-selling treats on Amazon that your dog will enjoy and are good for their health.
  3. Dog Travel Bag. If you’re planning on taking your dog on your next adventure, this is essential. You can fit just about anything in their bag with easy organization between their food, toys, water, and grooming materials.
  4. Doggy MouthWash. If your pup has problems with keeping their teeth clean but won’t let you near their teeth, this is a perfect solution for you. Just add the liquid to her water and you’ll notice your dog’s plaque and bad breath subside.
  5. Dog Seat Belt. If you’re wearing a seat belt, shouldn’t your pet be as well? Aside from the protection, it’s also an excellent training tool for puppies to learn how to behave in the car.
  6. Portable Dog-Shower Attachment. Most attach to a standard plastic water bottle. It will certainly come in handy when your doggo inevitably gets dirty on one of your adventures. Plus, it can keep them cool during a day in the sun.
  7. Portable Water Bowls. On-the-go hydration is a lot easier with portable water bowls. They pack easy, light, and contain enough water for most dogs over the day’s adventure.
  8. GoPro Harness For Your Dog. If you’re an outdoorsy dog lover, mounting your GoPro camera on top of your dog’s back will capture seriously cool footage from their point of view. You could see the world through your dog’s eyes.


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