7 Snow-Day Dog Activities Jan 2022

If you’re looking for fun snow-day activities with your dog, you’re not alone! Here at Aussie Pet Mobile, we’re hard at work thinking of fun activities to keep our dogs busy and happy on the coldest winter days. Here are ten activities that should be on your checklist this winter.

Snow Playdate

Introduce all the fun things you did as a kid to your pup. Snowball fights, snowmen, hide-and-seek, and snow angels will surely get their attention. If you have children and are looking to have some lighthearted fun in the backyard, include your four-legged family member in the activities

Take A Winter Hike

Dogs love romping around in the forest. Not only will they love the change of scenery from your casual walking route, but your pup will also experience fresh scents and views he will appreciate.

Indoor Dog Park

Is your dog not comfortable in the snow? Get out of the house and make your way to an indoor dog park where your dog can run, jump, slide and play with new pups. Plus, it’s a great way to burn off his pent-up energy.


Rover.com named skijoring “the best dog sport you’ve never heard of”. Put a harness on your dog, clip into your skis, and glide across the snow as your dog runs up ahead. Skijoring is better suited for medium to large athletic dogs who are experienced in winter-climate activities.

Winter-Wonderland Photo Shoot

Grab a few props, several treats, find a beautiful location and get shooting. Consider building a snowman or a snow angel in your yard with your puppy. Maybe go on a quick hike on the slopes or forest to get that cinematic look.

Go Sledding

If you prefer simpler and more local activities, sledding is for you. Find a perfect sledding hill to glide down together. Teach your pup to pull the sled up the slope. She will absolutely love it, and it will make your job easier.

Scavenger Hunt In The Snow

Snow is the perfect hiding spot for all things dog-related. Toys, tennis balls, treats, ropes, etc. Hide their favorite items in your backyard and test your dog’s skills! A challenging scavenger hunt is a great way to test your pup’s sense of smell. See their problem-solving skills in action!


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