5 Things to do to Help Your Nervous Cat

Does your cat have a nervous personality? Help ease some of your cat’s anxieties with these simple tips:

  1. Be Patient. If your cat has a nervous personality, be patient with helping them become less nervous. It will be a long process to help them overcome some anxieties.
  2. Play. Playing with your cat can help them trust you and reduce their stress levels. Only play with your cat when they are in the mood to play and follow their cues when playing.
  3. Let them snuggle with your scent. If you need to leave but your cat has some separation anxiety, leave a worn shirt where you cat likes to rest. Leaving your scent for your cat may help them calm down when you aren’t home.
  4. Let your cat hide. Provide hiding places throughout the house that allow your cat to get away when they need. Do not force your cat out of their hiding place since it can become their safe space.
  5. Provide high places. Allow your cat to get on sturdy shelves or on a cat tree to help them get away. Allowing them to see everything going on but being higher up will help relieve some stress.


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