5 Important Pet Relationships

Your pet and your family, neighbors, friends, vet, and groomer…

  1. FAMILY members develop unique relationships with pets…and it’s important that they do. When animals don’t feel welcome, familiar, or loved by any one person, they will often act out. For example, when families bring new babies home, the American Kennel Club has protocols for introducing the new family member to the animal companions in the home. Why? When animals don’t establish a good relationship with people, they will often act out or feel left out. Allowing each person to develop and maintain a unique relationship with your pets is important. Allow the space and freedom for both pets and family to connect on their own terms without allowing a relational rift to form.
  2. NEIGHBORS are a crucial part of safety and security for our families and for our pets. Making sure our relationally close neighbors know our pets and keep their eyes out for their well-being is good for everyone. If your neighbors also have pets, healthy introductions with the animals are important as well. After all, our animals are often the first line of defense for safety or the first ones to alert us of trouble. Dogs, for example, are known for sensing danger and alerting us of the trouble. If your neighbors have a relationship with your pets, they become part of your “neighborhood watch” in a sense.
  3. FRIENDS need to have a healthy relationship with their pets. While this seems like common sense, some pet owners always secure or hide their pets when friends are coming to visit. While this may be convenient, it can cause anxiety for your pets and become agitated anytime you entertain guests. Take time to let your closest friends meet your pets and even love them. Allergies may limit your ability to do this. However, if these relationships are nurtured, you may find your friends love your pets more than you thought possible.
  4. VETERINARIANS can form a close relationship with your pet if you find a good vet and stick with them. Imagine if you had a different doctor every time you had a doctor’s appointment? It can cause unnecessary anxiety, and challenges during the appointment, and even prevent optimal care. Animals remember people and places. They bond with those who care for them. Desiring stability for your pet for their health care should be a goal for every pet owner.
  5. GROOMERS are often the pet professional who sees your cat or dog most. After all, healthy pets may only see their vet twice a year. But pets requiring regular grooming will often connect monthly. Finding a groomer who wants to know your pet, be their regular groomer, and provide the best quality care is important. Aussie Pet Mobile is proud to care for your pets at the highest quality. Dogs often know and remember their groomer after a single appointment. If the grooming experience is a bad one, they won’t want to be groomed when needed. However, good groomers provide a basic “spa day for your pet” when you need them. If you are ready for a great grooming experience, we are here for you!

Your pet depends on you to introduce them to people and take part in these key relationships. Give them the support they need relationally and everyone will benefit.


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