5 Activities For High Energy Dogs-Aug-2021

  1. Urban agility. Urban Agility is parkour for your dog. Most dogs love going on a walk around the block. But, for our high-energy pups, adding a greater amount of physical activity will tire them out far more than a simple walk might. Urban agility can include: jumping up on a bench, placing their paws up on top of a fire hydrant or fence, leaping from one surface. The world is their gym!
  2. A Bike Ride. Before you consider taking your dog on a ride around the neighborhood, check with your vet to make sure your dog can handle the activity. In addition, riding a bike while holding a leash can be dangerous for you and your doggo. There are many products you can purchase that attach to bikes to ensure their safety. Be sure to do your research before you hop on the bike.
  3. Weighted Vest. If your goal is to tire your pup out before you leave the house, take them out to dinner, or make their night sleep easier, adding some extra weight can be a useful option. Although you must be careful that you are adding a safe amount of weight. The general rule of thumb is 10% of your dog’s total body weight. For instance, 5 lb. of weight for a 50 lb. dog.
  4. Nosework exercises. You can do a nosework exercise with your dog just about anywhere. In the park, outside your home, or in the living room. Dogs sniffing out a treat or toy give them a job. Like their human friend, giving them jobs really tires them out. Look into the shell game (placing a treat underneath 3 or more cups and have them sniff out which is the lucky cup) or a treasure hunt of treats and toys around the house.
  5. Trick Training. Trick training is a fun way to engage your dog’s physical capability, and tire them out mentally. Some obvious tricks you can teach your dog are: shake, fetch, rollover, twirl, and hug. If your dog knows most of these commands, try more advanced tricks or games like hide-and-seek, stand tall, shut the door, fetch the newspaper, and weave the poles.


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