4 Ways To Cat-Proof Your Home

  1. Keep a DIY spray on hand
    • Create a DIY spray that includes lemon, rosemary and cinnamon. Cats will keep off of the surfaces that you spray, and your home will smell great!
  2. Clear Your Shelves
    • Cats love to be up high, and this can include open shelves, bookshelves, and mantels. Try to keep valuables and breakables free from these surfaces.
  3. Baby-proof your kitchen
    • If your cat has the habit of getting in your cupboards or climbing on your counters, put up gates to prevent your cat from having access to the kitchen or put baby-proofing locks on your cabinet doors.
  4. Get scratching posts
    • Invest in some quality scratching posts for your cat. Re-direct your cat to their scratching post everytime they try to scratch something they shouldn’t.


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