4 Tips to Improve Your Cat’s Health

  1. Be aware of their weight. Talk to your vet if you believe your cat may be overweight. Some indoor cats may not get enough exercise. Encourage your cat to exercise by playing with them and getting new toys, new scratch posts or cat towers.
  2. Choose a healthy food. Make sure your cat is getting the best food by researching the best for your cat. The cheapest option may not be the best option for your cat. Speak to your vet for recommendations specific to your cat.
  3. Show them you care. Our cats need love and attention just like humans. Play with your cat when they are active, snuggle with your cat if they enjoy it, and occasionally offer your cat a treat.
  4. Get your cat groomed. Getting your cat groomed is vital to your cat’s overall health. Getting your cat groomed can prevent mats, keep their coat healthy, reduce shedding, detect fleas and improve their overall health. Aussie Pet Mobile comes to you and offers a wide variety of cat grooming services in the comfort of your own driveway.


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