10 Too-Cute Halloween Dog Costumes By Breed Oct 2021

Labrador Retriever – Superhero. Strap on a superman cape to their collar in a safe manner. It never fails!

German Shepherd – Camouflage. Just a bandana or a camouflage dog-hat will make her the talk of the town.

Golden Retriever – Lion. Slip this lion mane around their neck for an easy, comfortable, stunningly cute costume for a golden retriever halloween.

Terrier’s – Bumble Bee. Your pup will be buzzing around in a cute striped terrier full body costume.

Bulldog- Where’s Waldo. 

Beagle- Pumpkin Dog Hat. Easy to get and the cutest hat on the market.

Doodle – Chewbacca/ Wookie/ Ewok. If you’re a fan of Star Wars, this is a must. Doodle’s naturally furry coats will take little effort to make the perfect get-up.

Pug – Unicorn. Order a unicorn hat and a tutu and your pug will look adorable!

Poodle- Dog Tuxedo. This costume is easy to purchase on online sites or dog/party stores everywhere!

Shih Tzu – Cupcake Dog Costume.

Miniature Schnauzer – Cowboy. Their furry face will act as a beard, and it’s very funny. A red bandana and little top hat and your Schnauzer will steal the show!


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