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We became a franchisee in December of 2007 and opened our business right as it was announced that the U.S. was in recession. Wow! What a scary time. We wondered how our start-up would be affected. Being in Florida, the housing markets and employment rates were hit harder than some other areas of the U.S. Surprisingly, our business started on time and grew better than expected. In 4 years, we expanded to 5 vans and 8 groomers. Each month our business grew over the prior month and each year, our business has grown over the prior year. While we saw and felt the recession in many areas of our lives and communities, there seemed to be stability and growth in pet-related spending. Now, five years later, it has been a great time and we feel like we are very much a part of the communities that we service. We are still growing and we still see improvements in some area of our operation each and every month. The corporate staff has been super supportive 100% of the way, even when I wondered if the phone would ring (they said, don’t worry, yes it will and yes, it did!). The culture of the corporate staff and the nature of the business model allows for you to grow your business at the pace you want and to have flexibility in how it fits into your life. It’s a great feeling of satisfaction to see the direct benefits of your hard work!

Aussie Pet Mobile – S.E. Orlando, FL

We became franchisees in 2002. We had been in retail for 30 years but wanted to have our own business and be our own boss. So after looking at many franchise opportunities, we selected an Aussie Pet Mobile franchise in the San Diego area. At that time we purchased 1 territory and had one employee. With a solid networking and support system from the franchisor and the management team, we became successful very early on. Based on the strong demand for our service, we acquired additional territories and now have 8 pet mobile units and 13 employees. We are generating a large revenue stream with a very large repeat business. For 2012, 82% of our business was from customers who had used our service in the past. We continue to grow our sales using the proven marketing system and still have huge upside potential.

Chuck and Chris
Aussie Pet Mobile – San Diego, CA

Aussie Pet Mobile is the opportunity that we were looking for in a small business. We had five tests that
a business had to meet before we would consider participating.

  1. The business had to provide a service that would be needed no matter what the economic conditions looked like. People take care of their pets as well as their own family members, sometimes better. No matter the financial forecast, the dog or cat’s coat needs to be maintained every six to eight weeks.
  2. The business had to meet a “fun” standard. This standard is affirmed every time the phone rings and the client raves about the positive experience that their pet had. It is affirmed with every puppy kiss that the groomer receives at the end of the groom.
  3. The business had to provide a service that people were actively seeking to receive. No hard sales, just a matter of sharing the value laden program with an already motivated client.
  4. The business was mobile. No sticks and bricks. Previous businesses that we had operated were always mobile. The value and convenience of bringing the service to the client is the ultimate way of doing business. No hassle for the client, significantly reduced stress for the pet.
  5. The business needed to be scale-able. Aussie provides the model that allows the owner to build their business as they develop their territory.

Over the past five years, Aussie has proven that every one of our tests has been met. Success!!

Rick and Annette
Aussie Pet Mobile – Farmington Valley, CT

I purchased an Aussie Pet Mobile Franchise in December 2006 and we groomed our first pet in February 2007. I started with one grooming van and absolutely no customers and have experienced year over year growth every year. I have grown from my first year with $83,000 in sales to last year (2012) with $389,000 is gross sales and we are on track for $420,000 to $450,000 in sales this year. I currently have five grooming vans with four full time groomers working for me, one of them since July 2007.

All of this could not have been achieved without the support and guidance of the Aussie Pet Mobile corporate staff. They are always quick to offer help when asked and provide everything in a timely manner. The databases and reports available allow me to streamline my work and concentrate on growing the business, making sure the groomers have what they need to be successful and attend to customers. Aussie Pet Mobile has strategic vendor relationships which saves me time and money on grooming products and managements tools.

More importantly, the corporate office cultivates a team environment with franchisees nationwide which is why I purchased a franchise, “to be in business for myself but not by myself”. Franchises share with each other not only on the intranet site, but during regular webinar meetings with the corporate staff. I did extensive research on five different franchise opportunities prior to becoming part of the Aussie family and am today still happy I made the decision I did.

Aussie Pet Mobile – Surf City, CA