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Contact-Free Pet Grooming

Aussie Pet Mobile is pleased to announce our “CONTACT-FREE” pet grooming for your safety and for the safety of our groomers.

Effective immediately, please put your pets in a carrier, or safely tether them on the porch or put them in the yard (if it is secure) allowing our groomers to safely get your pet without any need for human to human contact.

  • Groomers will wash hands immediately after picking up pet and after returning pet.
  • Groomers will need to call you when they arrive and review your pet’s assessment, condition and all services to be performed.
  • Our office will work with you to arrange payment by phone or by invoice so that you and your groomer do not need to exchange anything directly and therefore there will be no need for contact.
  • We will also call you when the groom is finished to let you know that your pet is ready and to arrange payment and set up your next appointment.

Please remember that this is the kick off nationally of flea and tick season.  If you are sheltered at home with your family and pets and your pet has fleas, Aussie Pet Mobile can help you deal with this.  Fleas and Ticks can create a dangerous environment, especially if you are required to stay in your home.

Aussie Pet Mobile is totally focused on providing the essential care your pet needs to stay healthy and to help maintain your family’s health as well as we all face Flea and Tick season.


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