How To Introducte Your Dog To Your New Baby

Bringing a newborn home means adjustments for the whole house, including the dog. There are a few ways you can prepare your dog to welcome the new baby with open paws.

Before Baby is Home:

  1. Focus on training before the baby is born. If your dog could use some practice in basic training, now is a great time to start. Either practice at home with some basic commands or consider enrolling in a training class.
  2. Let your dog adjust to new smells. As you start to gather new baby gear, allow your dog to sniff and investigate. Wear baby products on your skin that you will use on your newborn, such as lotions or baby oil. After the baby is born, have someone bring home a receiving blanket or hat that the baby has worn before bringing the baby home.
  3. Allow your dog to adjust to new sounds. The sound of a newborn cry may startle and stress out your dog. Play sound recordings of baby cries and pair the sound of crying with treats. Practicing with sounds can help your dog not associate cries with fear when the baby is brought home.

Introducing Dog and Baby:

  1. Calm down your pet. Do not bring the baby in as soon as you get home. Allow your dog to get out their excitement of you being home before bringing the baby inside.
  2. Establish boundaries. Allow your dog to investigate and smell the baby under close supervision. Do not allow your dog to get in the baby’s face, but allow them to sniff around the baby.
  3. Set aside time for your fur baby. Your fur baby may feel neglected of attention in the beginning. While baby is napping, play or cuddle with your dog, spending focused time with your pup.
  4. Never leave your cat or dog alone with the baby. No matter how well your pup has done with your baby, all interactions should be closely monitored.


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