As children and students of all ages are going back to school, help your dog or cat feel like a part of the commotion. Ensure your animals are ready for the school year with our tips & ideas.

Back to School Schedules

Animals and children both feel the effect of the changing schedule when school starts. The transition from summer to school can be a tough one but there are some simple tips from Animal League’s Animal Behavior specialists to help animals (especially young ones) handle the new back to school schedule.

  1. Have a daily schedule. Having a normal schedule where your animal can go out, go on a walk, etc. that works during school and summer is a way to ensure your dog is comfortable during this transition.
  2. Designate a special toy that is between your children and your animal. Your child can give your pet their toy before they leave for the day and the toy goes away when the child comes back from school. This can help your pet get in a regular routine and enjoy a special toy during the day.
  3. Hide special treats around the house. Using Kong’s or hard, hollow bones filled with peanut butter or other dog friendly treats are a great way to keep your dog excited and busy throughout the day.


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